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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ's)


How to take a good soil sample for:
    •Flower bed

How often should I sample?

Can I ask for additional assistance from the lab in evaluating my soil test results?

Are the "do it yourself" soil test kits sold in garden centers as accurate as a sample sent to CAL MAR Labs?

Does CAL MAR Labs sell fertilizer or other nutrient products?

What is limestone?

Now that I have my test results in hand explain to me how do I raise the pH of my soil?

How do I lower the pH of my soil?

What are the most important things to know and understand when growing plants?

The Home and Garden channel is becoming one of the more popular channels on the satellite dishes. CALMAR SOIL TESTING LABS is currently advertising on the HGTV channel during the months of March and April. Catch the commercials! Several of our key employees can be seen in these commercials. These commercials are promoting our GARDEN TEST KITS directly to the homeowner.

   Catch us at a trade show. We attend many trade shows each year in order to answer questions and to meet you personally. Below are the trade shows for the 1998 - 1999 season.
                              (get dates, show names, locations from Susan Kemp)

Agriculture (FAQ's)

How to take a good soil sample.
What is the best soil sampling strategy for my farm?
How often should I sample?
Can I talk to one of CAL MAR Labs agronomists about my soil test results?
Can I schedule a CAL MAR Labs agronomist to speak to a group of people?
Where can I talk to a GPS specialist?